WDSC Development Plan

Our goals is to -  live our values to deliver our mission everyday and achieve our vision in the future.


WDSC Values

We are accountable (we do what we say what we will do) 
Take responsibility for our actions

We show kindness to everyone
We are inclusive of others

We are committed to our self, team and community
We work as a team
We always give back

We strive for personal excellence
We take pride in our work
We develop confidence as we grow

WDSC Mission

Provide opportunities that are focused on nurturing the growth and development of swimmers, coaches and volunteers so that all of our members have the highest possibility of belonging and success.


WDSC Vision

Fun, Fitness and Excellence

WDSC Strategic Plan 2022-2027


1. Stability- build a strong foundation 

      Develop the systems that allow for long term member belonging, swimmer excellence and club growth

      Promote the health and longevity of the club

      Prepare for smooth board and coach successions

2. Build a strong and healthy club culture

      Get clear on our values, mission and vision and how we live them everyday

      Create a club culture / environment that draws talented coaches to our community

      Foster team spirit and community